Improving Windows Store Upload Success.



“The most frustrating dialog in the world”


“The slowest progress bar in history”

Not sure if I am not just documenting my frustration but here is the story so far:


As a user of Windows 8 (and 8.1) I have observed that when selecting apps from the store I am often left with them in a ‘pending’ download state, with no way, or so it seems to escalate the process and use the apps.  (Other times, the apps download straight away and I will click on the notification window and use them straight away).  So when it came to packaging ‘Vantage Point’ I made the decision to package the Apps content (a large number of image files) with the App itself.  The thinking is that this will make things easier, at least in the short term, as I don’t have to worry about hosting the images online.  It also has the benefit that the App will be more responsive, and will always work offline once downloaded.  The fact that it will take longer to download initially is also not so much of an issue given the frequent ‘pending’ status of Apps as already discussed.  Great I thought, a sensible solution all round!  However at this planning stage I failed to consider the difficulty I would have in uploading the App to Microsoft every time I release a new version.  Being ‘in the sticks’ means that my Internet connection has never been the most robust and my speed/bandwidth for uploading files is, like most peoples, very limited in comparison to my download  speeds (so sayeth the BT engineer ‘oh, you can change that’, so sayeth BT ‘no you can’t!).  This resulted in frequent failures in the upload process and it would take many days (ahem, sometimes weeks) to successfully upload an App to Microsoft.

My (partial) Solution

I found I could mitigate this somewhat by splitting the App into its three constituent platform executables by selecting the option to ‘Never Generate App Bundles’ (see below).  This enabled me to upload three separate, smaller files rather than one large file (that essentially contained these three files)


All was well, but sod’s law means that after successfully uploading the first two files this morning I was met with the following message:


After repeating the upload and receiving the same message I came to the conclusion that I would have to rebuild the App again.

At the time of writing I am wondering if I can get away with just rebuilding the x86 version of the App or if i will need to rebuild all three parts (so that the store recognised one complete ‘version’).

I will report back my findings here once I am able to successfully upload a complete version of the App!

Jan 30 Update:

As ever with perseverance I was able to upload all three files, however, I did have particular trouble with the ARM file which was flagged as corrupted several times after completing upload (this is in spite of passing all locally run tests). 

The latest attempt to upload the 32 and 64 bit files has been successful, however the ARM, after several times being flagged as corrupt (I rebuilt each time) is now getting a new message after the upload is complete:

Validation error:   This package wasn’t built for the current version of Windows. Install the current version of Windows and build the package again.

I am continuing the rebuild/re-upload process ….

Jan 31 Update

The ARM part of the package seems to cause more issues than the others, just documenting this intermediate screen shot here as it frequently is followed by some kind of corruption message (I am also trying Chrome in case it gives me more luck!!!)


When the above dialog finishes I am now getting :


That makes no sense to me as I have all updates installed for all Microsoft software running under Windows 8.1?

I am now rebuilding the project on an entirely different development machine to see if that makes a difference.

(I feel that the Gods are playing with me!)