What is wrong with this picture?


My dialog with Microsoft about ‘missing downloads’ has been an agonising one in which I have simply failed to get through to anyone who believes that there is anything wrong with the above picture. (To paraphrase and simplify: ‘our system tells us that you didn’t have any downloads during that time period’)

If you work at Microsoft and are willing to help please get in touch, you will find that I am a reasonable and committed, albeit frustrated, independent developer.

Create App Package Dialog Failing


Recently I am finding that the above dialog is getting harder and harder to work through and has become a bottleneck when attempting to issue a new version of an existing App (or a new App).  When I first started developing apps for Windows 8 it would fail occasionally, but a refresh would solve the problem.  I am now finding that sometimes even a dozen refreshes are required before I get my list of Apps.


I haven’t found a solution for this issue which seems to be getting worse as we get more and more apps in the store?

Is anyone else suffering with this issue?


I also found this:

Report it here: