Comparison of Photos with Lumia 950lx vs Lumia 1020 vs Lumia 1520

This is a very simple test comparing the basic snapshot capabilities of these three phones.  All phones were set on maximum resolution and auto shoot using the basic camera app.


So all produced good results with my personal preference being for the 1520 (though I find it difficult to tie down my reasoning?)

Zoomed Compare

Zoomed in to the Daffodils in the first picture the clear winner is the 1020 – that might surprise some as it is such an old device – although those ‘in the know’ will already appreciate the benefits of it’s superior hardware.  (Notwithstanding there is a downside to the higher resolution achieved as the file sizes produced by the 1020 are considerably larger should you wish to shoot at this resolution).



So I was curious to know how well the newer Lumias stack up against the  older 1020 with my personal conclusion being that for straight snapshots the 1020 still has the crown.  Of course it benefits from having more time for the engineers to perfect the cameras’ algorithms and I would expect the 950lx to only improve over time.

I found this an interesting comparison and I might follow up with a similar comparison using some common Android and iOS phones (should I be able to get my hands on!)

NB Full Res images can be downloaded from here:!551222&authkey=!AHdC8VZJjRJykTw&ithint=folder%2cjpg

Win – Win with Nokia’s DVLUP World Domination Challenge!


I have been a part of Nokia’ developer program for quite a while and thought I would take the time to point out a particular recent challenge in its’ DVLUP program that represents a quick win on three counts:

1.  The Challenge doesn’t require a new version of the App so consequently is very quick to implement.

2. You gain entry to a significant number of new Phone markets (equals increased revenue!) by completing this challenge.

3. It’s maybe one of the easiest ways to get 100 xp points in the DVLUP program!

For details of the DVLUP program and this challenge check out this link:

When going through my own apps for this challenge I was surprised to find that the majority of them were not already submitted to all potential markets so I consider this challenge to have done me a service!  Thanks DVLUP!

Using Nokia Ad Exchange on Windows Phone 8


Following on from the last two articles :

  1. Adding a TimeStamp in Azure Mobile Services
  2. Semi-Transparent Panoramic Background Images

this article came about as a result of new Apps I have been developing / enhancing for Windows Phone 8.

In the past I have used Microsoft’s’ own Advertising SDK but for I thought it would be interesting to try out Nokia’s new advertising SDK*.  Further down the line I will blog some results and contrast these with those resulting from the use of the Microsoft SDK.

Getting started is easy, sign up and download the SDK from this page:

I followed the instructions on the developer wiki for Windows 8 Phones here:

Windows Phone 8 SDK guidelines

This will take you through the three basic steps:

  1. Adding the SDK to your project.
  2. Adding required references and capabilities.
  3. Displaying ads within the application.

The approach looks to be marginally simpler than the Microsoft SDK though both are very easy to implement.

I opted to Add everything using code:

image(Click to enlarge)

I’m not sure about the value of the optional parameters but decided to add them anyway

NB Note the reference to App.NokiaID – this is the App ID that is given when you add an App in the Ad Exchange Web Site below (I simply declared it in App.Config for tidiness sake).  The ID should look something Like:



Payments are monthly and are triggered as soon as you go over the $200 threshold (I have to say that probably equates to never for me but hey, lets’ not be too pesimistic!)

And that is all there is to it.

If you would like to see an example of the Ads that the App serves up check out one of the following Apps (make sure you select the free trial)

1. Which Diet?

2. Fishing Tips

Have fun!

* Which is actually a badged version of the Ad SDK from Inneractive.

Fix – Nokia Lumia 920 Blank Screen when making calls

After working well for a couple of months my Lumia developed an issue whereby every time I made a call the screen would blank and subsequently refuse to return to normal operation.

After a little searching I discovered ‘the fix’ to the problem which occurs due to dust build up around the sensor:

Simply blast some air* all around the top area of the phone and the problem will go away!

* I used a good old fashioned blast of air from my mouth but if you have a can of compressed air handy that is probably a better option.

NB If you had this issue and this helped you please leave a comment below!

NOKIA Lumia 920 User Guide

Anyone interested in this great new device should check out this new user guide published by Nokia:


Some great gems in here, new information relates not only to new features in Windows Phone 8 but also some great features unique to the device itself.





There really is a wealth of information in this document which this post doesn’t do justice to.

Check it out.

NOKIA update for Windows Phone. 7.10.8773.98 – Tango


Just got prompted for another update.  There doesn’t appear to be any information on what might be included but version numbers were incremented as per the screenshot below.

imageDifficult to spot changes in the O/S but the most obvious is the option to create a WIFI hotspot using the phones 3G internet connection.




Messaging. Adds new messaging capabilities to your phone. You can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes, and ringtones to text messages.

Other quality improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

This update is not available in all markets or for all phones.


Nokia World 2011

For me this event marks a potential starting point for Nokia’s entry into my own development related world.  Sure I have owned a spate of Nokia handsets in the past, but that’s not what I‘m talking 2about.  For some time now there has been an excitement in the Windows Phone Development Community about the impact and opportunities that a collaboration between two giants, Microsoft and Nokia might bring.  What will it mean tor the likes of humble independent phone app developers?  Nobody is quite certain but the expectation is palpable!

“NOKIA Watch” was released shortly after the announcement  that NOKIA is to focus it’s future energies on the Windows Phone platform.  It is a simple, but pleasing App that takes the best of newsfeeds, blogs and videos from across the web and serves them up using the popular panoramic based control. 

I look forward to the day when I can see this App running on a NOKIA device and yes, I would love that day to be October 26th and yes, I would love to be holding a Nokia phone, running my App on Windows Phone, standing amongst a group of my piers in the ExCel Conference Centre in London!