Where to buy Gadgets at MIX 11

imageSo you are in Vegas for Mix, you have checked out the Gadget Watch App on your phone and maybe want to bring back a Gadget or two for your friends at home?  Where should you go?  Well you are in luck as the biggest gadget store in Los Vegas* is just down the road from the Mandalay Bay hotel itself.  It’s a short taxi ride so may  ask the question at your breakfast table to see if anyone wants to share the ride with you.   Don’t like gadgets?   WTF?

Marketing Your Apps

Having a go at the final (I believe) chapter of Mike Ormond’s book:

Outline for the chapter is presently as follows:

Arming Yourself

  • The theory behind marketing.
  • Making your App work for you.
  • Quotes from experts and successful developers.
  • Readiness Checklist.

Spreading the Word

  • From the safety of your bedroom:
    • Using a Blog
    • Using Twitter
    • Using YouTube
    • Getting your App reviewed
    • In App Advertising
    • Marketing on the web
    • Gorilla Marketing
  • Going out into the world:
    • People skills
    • User groups
    • Conferences (Mix, PDC etc.)
    • Government Initiatives
    • Microsoft Initiatives (BizTalk, MSDN etc.)

Tracking your progress

    • Marketplace Reports
    • Analytics (Peoplesoft etc)
    • Third Party Sites (EG zTop and Phone Apps)

Please leave a comment or get in touch if you have any interesting or useful stories around Marketing your own Apps (they don’t necessarily have to be  WP7 based) .

My plan is to make each of the above sections a blog entry – hopefully I will get some feedback this way and improve on things before submitting for approval into the book.