Dramatic increase in App downloads since the release of Windows Phone 8


At this stage downloads of my own Windows Phone Apps appear to have doubled since the release of Windows Phone 8 – with downloads continuing to increase on a daily basis.

While reading positive sales stats and figures from Microsoft and Nokia is always a good thing, having access to ‘real data’ such as this helps confirm that the positive buzz around the platform is being translated into real world results.

As a developer I am energised around the development of future Apps for Windows Phone, particularly in light of the opportunities for shared code and Apps with Windows 8.

NB In order to read the above graph in context to this post, ignore the ‘cumulative’ line and note that daily sales have risen from around 275 on 18th October to around 550 on 9th December.

Apple Watch

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” So said Sun TZU.  While most Windows phone developers don’t actually consider Apple to be an enemy it is still not a bad idea to keep an eye on what is going on in that camp.  This was the thinking behind this App which collects together relevant news and information surrounding “Apple” and presents it using the unique pleasantries available to the Windows Phone platform.




At the moment the App has the following ‘pages’ :

  • News (relevant third party news from around the web )
  • Device news (news specific to the iPad and iPhone)
  • Twitter (Apple specific tweets)
  • Propaganda (News as Apple would have you ingest it)
  • Top Paid  (Current top 25 paid Apps)
  • Top Free (Current top 25 free Apps)

The App is available for 99c here

HTC HD7 WP7 Windows Phone 7

Having given ‘grief’ to my Family over the last year or so (while developing apps for WP7) I promised my wife I would buy her a new WP7 Mobile Phone when they came out.  The one that Light bulb I liked the look of is the HTC HD7, mainly because it has the largest screen size of any of the new devices and also has more than the 8GB RAM that I had available on the pre-production device I had been using (I found this limiting – the multimedia features of this OS are so good you will want to fill up the phone with Podcasts, Movies and Music!.

The first thing I noticed was how nice <insert a better adjective> the screen is.  It is not just the size its also ‘whiter’ and ‘brighter’ than the device I was used to.  Not to dwell too much on this but in my considered opinion this size is optimal – any larger and I don’t think I could hold and type with one hand (cradle in right hand and type with thumb) It is surprising how often you need to do this when you are on the move so if you have small hands make sure you try this out in a shop first! (NB My hands are average size)

Having been spoilt by the third party software that came with the LG device the HTC stack doesn’t match up IMO – I won’t list it as I am sure you can get this elsewhere (let me know if not) but to reiterate, the LG software gave me a ‘wow’ moment with the phone, the HTC was pretty much what I expected (Did I really need a free torch?).

I’ve seen criticism of the HTC design on two counts:

1. The built in stand – does it ‘stick out’, will it ‘catch on your trousers’, will it fall off after a few months use? 

IMO the stand is great!  It is genuinely useful, doesn’t ‘stick out’ unduly (though it is not flush with the back), it protects the camera and is way better than the ‘sticky out’ <insert a better adjective> camera of the HD2!  So a thumbs up for the stand!  I should add that I bought a clear plastic protective surround for the HD7 which means that the stand is actually slightly recessed to the back of the device case.

2. The recessed areas around the screen “they will be a lint trap”  yes, I suspect this is correct though their purpose is to house the excellent on board speaker system that compliments the built in Dolby Mobile and SRS Enhancement that is also a feature of this device.  I can live with that I think.

OK, I will keep adding to this review as I use the device, but I have a flight to catch (PDC – Yay!)

Please post questions about the device in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.

Any colour as long as it is black


Henry Fords famous statement when asked about the colour of his new motor vehicle.

Of course, that was just fine, it was the only game in town, and it was a fantastic machine!  However, It wasn’t long before the market demanded something more, and it was a competitor that first offered multiple colours of automobile, Ford or course, had to respond quickly or risk future sales.

I am wondering if that is where we are with WP7 and the iPhone?  Will Apple now be forced to offer some additional options for the iPhone?  A slide out keyboard? A better camera? A larger screen? I suspect that if Windows phone is the success that it looks like it is going to be then history tells us that Apple will have no choice but to follow Microsoft. A bitter pill?  Not really,  probably just history talking.

There is a nice article on MS’ approach to their ‘hardware partners’ here: