Live Tile News – Download Stats

“Live Tile News” had a very favourable review on the BBC’s technology program “Click” last week and I have had a lot of questions around the impact on downloads.

The first chart shows downloads for April – with the healthy spike being a result of the coverage received.


The second chart is specific to “Live Tile News” and shows the more dramatic spike in interest as a result of the show.


The vast majority of downloads were, as might be expected, in the UK but as this App supports US and Global news it will be interesting to monitor if there is any knock on effect in these territories going forward.


NB The review can be viewed on my earlier blog post here

Live Tile News (Ad Supported)

Live Tile News (Premium)

NB All developer proceeds from sales and advertising of this App go to charity

Get it for free, then show 3

Heads up, I am not a marketeer, I don’t think I am even a very good ‘people person’ (typical geek I guess). Notwithstanding I want to convince you (and that guy in Nigeria) that there is such a thing as a “win-win scenario”

With apologies if this post comes across like I am trying to sell you something.

WIN 1: How do you win?

1. You get to download a great App for free  “Live Tile News”.

2. You get to feel good about yourself as you are supporting charity by being involved.

WIN 2: How does Charity win?

All the advertising proceeds go to charity!

WIN 3: How do I win?

Like you, I get to feel good about myself (quite handy right now).

Get it for free, then show 3?

If you like the App please show it to 3 friends, (and they might be tweet, mail and Facebook, or they could be actual people!)

Don’t have a Windows Phone?

What are you waiting for? My current suggestion is the Nokia Lumia 800 but if you are on a tight budget, try this

NB AN update that allows you to add tiles from the news item list itself is currently going through the ingestion process (other new features as well, but that one is kind of cool)

Announcing the launch of “App Aid”

Well, the saying goes that from small acorns … so begins “App Aid” (Hopefully the name speaks for itself.) 

Currently App Aid only represents a contribution of income from my own apps, so that is where I will start. The hope is that this could mushroom into something supported by other developers and platforms.

My first contribution towards App Aid comes in the form of “Live Tile News”, the innovative new news App that features up to 8 ‘Live tiles’ of topic based news as well as a novel panorama based UI with multiple layered icons.

I am giving all the proceeds (sales and advertising income) from this app to charity. 

I also have a monthly timetable planned for 2012 whereby a percentage of the sales from designated Apps for each month will also go to charity. 

At the moment the timetable for 2012 looks like this:

  Month App Percentage of income dontated
Jan “Live Tile News”
”Live Tile News (Premium)”
100% *
Feb “Apple Watch” 50%
Mar “Orchestrator” 50%
Apr “Gadget Watch” 50%
May “The King’s Speech” 50%
Jun “Ultimate Fart” 50%
Jul “Torch / Flashlight” 50%
Aug “Live Tile Sports” 50%
Sep Nokia Watch 50%
Oct “Live Tile Sports II” 50%
Nov “Ambient Soundscape” 50%
Dec “Snap”


* On-going Forever

Please be as supportive as you can, Tweet and Facebook this message to your followers (see buttons below) and download Live Tile News (Free) or Live Tile News (Donation) to your Windows Phone.

Thank You!

Live Tile News – Update


Utilising the excellent BBC news feeds this app provides up to 8 live tiles showing the latest news split by topic.  With regional variations for the UK, USA and Australia the app automatically picks up the region from your phone and presents the most relevant news to you. 

The innovative Panoramic display presents two images of recent news with the option to ‘flip the tile over’ with a flick of the news stack (an interesting variation on the standard scrolling Listbox)


What is “App Aid” and what is a “ChApp”?

The term ChApp comes from the two words – Charity & App.  It means that all or a part of the proceeds from this app will go to charity. Multiple ChApps combine into the concept of “App Aid” 

NB In the case of this app proceeds will be split evenly between :

1. Alexheimer’s Society (

2. Parkinsons UK (

3. Multiple Sclerosis Trust (

Where does the money come from?

Initially proceeds will come from the non intrusive advertising within the App with a ‘non-ad’ version of the App allowing users to donate all the proceeds from their purchase (the 70% portion that goes to the apps developer) to the 3 charities above.



5th January 2012 – Update.

3 Days ago I submitted the latest update to Live Tile News, including an option to donate by purchasing a paid version of the App.

This update was largely in response to excellent feedback from the development community (Particular thank you Channel Niners and MVP Joost):

“Inconsistent approach to the Panorama interface”

I have consolidated individual panorama pages and created a consistent approach to the headings.

“The fluid flow of the app is broken when navigating to the ‘more apps’ page.

The original idea of the dialog hat pops up before navigating to the more ‘apps page’ was designed to allow users to skip the page should they wish. However I recognise that this breaks the ‘fast & fluid’ doctrine and I have removed the dialog from this release.

“I would like to be able to pin tiles to my homepage from the originating page rather than from a dedicated page.”

You can now pin and remove tiles by dragging down and holding the relevant feed (this replaces the option to refresh individual feeds which was felt to be an unnecessary feature).

In addition there are a number of minor bug fixes which should go to improve the overall application.

NB The donation version of the App can be downloaded here, once it progresses through Microsoft’s App QA process.

Thank you for your support.