Using the BUILD Session Planning Tool

So I played around with this great tool and came up with some recommendations for using the tool that work well for me.

Here are the steps I took to maximise my BUILD experience:

1. Begin by filtering sessions by day and select all the sessions that you would like to see on that day:


2. Next flip across to the schedule tab and spend some time removing multiple choices you made in a particular slot and then consider adding interesting sessions in slots that don’t already have a choice:


3. Review your choice in the ‘my schedule’ tab:


4. Now repeat the above process using filters set for the other days of the conference (day 2, day 3 etc.)

5. Once I had completed this process I then set filters on particular subjects that I am interested in to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

6. Finally I set filters on my favourite speakers to make sure I didn’t miss anything interesting there.

Remember that a little dead time is not necessarily a bad thing – your brain will be overloaded by the end of the conference so consider giving it a break!

Hope you find this run through useful.  It’s a great session planning tool this year and my thanks go to whoever was behind it!

Have a great conference and say high if you spot me wandering around!




BUILD Conference “Shooting Range” Beta Availability

Arising largely from the work done on the upcoming “Goblin Harvest” release this app is now updated and available for beta testing at the BUILD conference (or to anyone possessing a motion enabled device*). 

If you would like to lend a hand either drop me a line or add a comment below this post.

Shooting Range App for Windows Phone Mango



NB If you are not sure if your device supports motion – don’t worry, this app will tell you!


  • Smarten up the graphics and target positions in virtual space
  • Provide a summary of each shootout
  • Provide alternative targets & weapons
  • Engage the radar to show targets and current scope of target range
  • Increase target range size up to 360 degrees with advancing levels
  • Provide “echo “for targets springing up behind you
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Shooting Range Augmented Reality App


As I work on the ‘tasks & quests’ for “Goblin Harvest” I am consistently hit by the opportunities for Games & Apps that take advantage of Augmented Reality.  This one is a bit of a ‘tester’ that I am hoping to have ready for BUILD and revolves around the concept of a shooting gallery (Inspiration – Inspector Callaghan in Magnum Force!) 

The idea is straightforward – you get points for shooting bad guys and you lose points for shooting good guys.  Each session in the range lasts one minute.

I have a number of levels planned which revolve around the following parameters:

  1. Expanding the number of Shooting Targets
  2. Reducing the ‘time standing’ for targets.
  3. Increasing the number of good targets that closely resemble bad targets(
  4. Expanding the width of the shooting range (level 1 being all in front of you with subsequent levels taking in more of your 360 degree panorama)

With all the above being driven through an XML file.  If the game proves popular I will add the ability to add your own targets and parameterise the variables from within the game.

All in all this has resulted in several 12-14 hour days as my enthusiasm demands and while maybe not quite the same as a trip to Prague (  great fun nevertheless!

Shooting Range Augmented Reality game–under development

Beta Testing

Send me your email if you would like to beta test this app and have a Windows Phone that supports motion (NB As I write this these are only in the hands of reviewers and developers)

Thanks to the family for support and not shooting ME

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