Shooting Range Augmented Reality App


As I work on the ‘tasks & quests’ for “Goblin Harvest” I am consistently hit by the opportunities for Games & Apps that take advantage of Augmented Reality.  This one is a bit of a ‘tester’ that I am hoping to have ready for BUILD and revolves around the concept of a shooting gallery (Inspiration – Inspector Callaghan in Magnum Force!) 

The idea is straightforward – you get points for shooting bad guys and you lose points for shooting good guys.  Each session in the range lasts one minute.

I have a number of levels planned which revolve around the following parameters:

  1. Expanding the number of Shooting Targets
  2. Reducing the ‘time standing’ for targets.
  3. Increasing the number of good targets that closely resemble bad targets(
  4. Expanding the width of the shooting range (level 1 being all in front of you with subsequent levels taking in more of your 360 degree panorama)

With all the above being driven through an XML file.  If the game proves popular I will add the ability to add your own targets and parameterise the variables from within the game.

All in all this has resulted in several 12-14 hour days as my enthusiasm demands and while maybe not quite the same as a trip to Prague (  great fun nevertheless!

Shooting Range Augmented Reality game–under development

Beta Testing

Send me your email if you would like to beta test this app and have a Windows Phone that supports motion (NB As I write this these are only in the hands of reviewers and developers)

Thanks to the family for support and not shooting ME

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Mango Beta App Submission Walkthrough

Lots of interest in the Augmented Reality YouTube video on my previous post and although it isn’t anywhere near beta status I decided to publish “Goblin Attack” on it’s own for anyone with an interest.

This post is a walkthrough of the process I went through:

Marking the App as a ‘private beta’


NB the workaround if you receive the above error is documented here anApp:d involves setting a default Language for the

Project Properties Options dialog

As you might expect this is the same as with a standard submission

Here you have the opportunity to invite your beta testers individually



It is then a question of monitoring the lifecycle page until the App is through the ingestion process for beta apps.

The initial lifecycle page


When the app is ready you will receive the above notification via email.  (It may still be some time before the App is available via Zune)

Download Link (Mango with Motion API requirement)

Moving fast with development on this app – there are already a few features and bug fixes that are not in this beta – but all feedback will be gratefully received.

In an ideal world the Goblin would be a little more 3D, made in XAML and swipe his sword / die more effectively – anyone with the appropriate graphics skills please get in touch!

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Goblin Harvest – Augmented Reality Demo

Time for another progress update, this time looking at the early stages of augmented reality within “Goblin Harvest”.

Conceptually the game is a card / board game but with a few interesting “extras” for Mango based phones.  The opportunity to fight off Goblins in ‘hand to hand combat’ arises when one of the task cards is overturned. ( Additional points can be earned relating to the number of Goblins killed or the seriousness of wounds inflicted).

“Goblin Attack”

NB the above is conceptual at the moment – I hope to be able to improve animations and sound effects as we go.

Download Link (Mango with Motion API requirement)

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