Face Recognition in the Windows Photos App

And so I finally got round to playing with some of the newer features of the Photos App at the same time as deciding to load my photo collection up to One Drive. This has provided some entertainment over the last few days as the uploads slowly make their way online (which is where I have my photos app currently pointing).  Now I don’t have any control over which order the photos are uploading but I suspect that it is uploading (mainly) the earlier ones first.  Here are a couple of screen shots from the last two days which (unsurprisingly perhaps) show my two daughters vying for the top slots, though interestingly at this point Daisy has the top three positions!


Moving on 24 hours and the situation has changed with Emily now in the top slot with a whopping 207 photos!  Daisy still a very strong showing with number 2,4,5 and 10th positions!  And we start to see new entries from the Rees clan with Eddie (49 photos) and David (23 photos) while Lucy makes a showing for the Grindles with 42 photos.   Also good to see my Mum in there with 22 photos and (young Mum) 20 photos!

I will update again tomorrow – exciting stuff!
NB Not getting much feedback from this app on progress but it did just tell me that it has another 37,000 items to process!?

Interesting – the bottom line seems to be made up of all Princesses 😉

BTW I have no control over which image it picks in the above shots but I suspect it is choosing the latest image it has at that particular time!

Day 3

Day three brings a few changes but no big surprises with Emily consolidating her position and the girls now owning the top 4 slots followed closely by Jo with 122 photos.  Eddie and Lucy holding on to their top 10 positions for the Rees and Grindle families.

Day 4

…. and Daisy re-takes the no 1 slot.

Day 5

Still processing, a little shuffling going on in the top row but … “Eddie!  How did you do that!”

Closer inspection shows something a little odd as the counts seem to be lower for todays summaries that they were yesterday … methinks I have some investigating to do ….

Day 6

So after yesterdays unusual counts I decided to reset – now that all the photos are uploaded it should not take quite so much time before we get a solid result (as it is only the face recognition side of things that has to do any processing now).
Here are the results from overnight:

Day 7

We must be getting close to completion of facial recognition processing though I notice that some of my older scanned photos are not included – a job for later today methinks.

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