Mixed Reality Video

So while my aging Sony TD10E still looks fab in a virtual 3d screen in VR I have been looking for something that sits better within the expanse of VR both for personal and with impending Virtual Reality project work..

The Hoot camera was indeed a Hoot (sic) but a little too low resolution wise and the promising LucidCam hasn’t proved to be reliable enough.

And so the other day I noticed that last years’ Gear 360 was down to around £80 and I got to wondering if I could jury rig a stereoscopic 180 camera from a pair?  I already knew that it was possible to run the Gear 360 in 180 mode (using only one of it’s lenses) and so this morning I got the hacksaw out and put together a basic test rig.  This essentially consists of a flash mounting on top of a shooting stick with the two gear 360’s mounted using their standard mounting pins.  Not especially elegant but should be fit for purpose!


Video resolution should be a respectable  2560×1440 pixel resolution at 30fps for each eye. and although they will not be linked based on previous experience video synchronisation shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  Of course I will need to settle on a suitable 180 video format (perhaps the LucidCam that provides compatibility with the Gear VR might be the most suited?) I will blog again once I have something to show but at the moment this is a bit of a side project to other more pressing VR developments.

I finished off by mounting on an old monopod stand that I had lying around that will hopefully provide a little stability for my test video.


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