The Holographic Catch 22 ….

Having had my hands on a Mixed Reality Headset for a couple of weeks now I would not be without it.  But, having just been “awed once again” I realise the platforms’ single greatest danger ….  quite simply it’s got an in built “Catch 22” that puts me in mind of the first time I saw the Grand Canyon – quite simply I realised that I had not experienced anything like it before – those distances – that space – and …. I knew I could not do it justice with my words or photographs – I had to tell people just go and see it.

So while I am not suggesting that Mixed Reality is comparable in any shape or form to the Grand Canyon – it is one of those “new experiences” that you really have to see for yourself.  So the catch 22?

1. You have to live with it for a while (to really appreciate it)

2. You have to buy one in order to live with it for a while!


So how are the manufacturers going to overcome this?

It’s not going to be easy.

As an example I was just looking at some of the animated holograms that come with the holographic App – they are great fun – this morning I created a Burger that was around 30 feet across, I walked right up to it, started the animation and the bun and contents jumped up and down.  Now when you feel like you are in the room, up close, with a 30 foot jumping burger it is an experience that you will not have experienced before and it really is one that you should experience! ( No the screen captures and videos just don’t do it justice)

Maybe this post and others like it might combine to make you go out and get a mixed reality headset … I hope so.

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