Developing with 3Glasses Mixed Reality Headset (2) – Mixed Reality Installation / Setup


The 3Glasses fully support the Windows Mixed Reality setup which guides you through the following screens:


It’s a very sleek and professional setup which flagged the graphics card on my aging setup as a weak point then promptly allowed me to continue (see this post for details of the dated budget hardware I am using).

When the setup is completed (it is a relatively quick and painless process) you are left in what can only be described as a high end / desirable  “virtual home” with options to add your own holograms to the environemtn, run any “traditional” Windows Store Apps (placing and resizing them anywhere in the home environment) or indeed run one of the dedicated VR Apps from the store.  I have also heard that these headsets will support Steam VR but I have not tried that as yet..

So anyone who has tried Hololens will be immediately comfortable with the functionality available with the exception that the surroundings are not your own!

The first thing I thought to do was to fire up one of my own apps – “Vantage Point” and place it on one of the spaces in front of me.  The video below shows the app in place and functioning – I added another instance “downstairs” and was able to switch between the two apps – both functioning perfectly – very nice!

So all in all a short post with the pictures telling the installation and setup story.

Next post I will look at the functionality and aesthetics,

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