Windows Mixed Reality Headset–3Glasses Blubur S1 (Type 2) £320 (approx)

Just taken delivery of what is the only available mixed reality headset to anyone in the UK wanting to develop for the platform (the units from Acer, HP etc are only available to developers in the USA).

So this post is not much more than an unboxing but I will follow it up with a review of the hardware and initial development on Windows 10 Creators (which is a requirement to support development on this headset).

It was quite quick to arrive with little trouble getting through customs:

As seems to be common place with all tech from China it arrived very well packaged with the familiar yellow/brown tape:


I have to say that the quality of the packaging along with the initial feel of the device is of a very high standard and I am looking forward to going for a spin!

The language translation always amuses me – this is billed as “The first ever virtual reality headset with highest resolution”!

Spec wise it looks similar to the other mixed reality headsets that are finding their way onto the market:


What’s in the box?


(Click on each of the above photos for more detail)

Stand by for a more in depth review meanwhile the 3Glasses web site can be found here:

8 thoughts on “Windows Mixed Reality Headset–3Glasses Blubur S1 (Type 2) £320 (approx)

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  2. I finally got my unit to work — after the latest (August 25) Insiders – Fast Ring version of Windows 10 Creators edition upgrade.

    Strange, but only the joystick on the controllers seem to work in the Microsoft MIxed Reality “Home”. — Any steps needed to get more controller full functionality working?

    • I am finding that only the Windows and Trigger buttons are working on my setup – still usable as tracking is via the virtual pointer but it doesn’t feel quote right somehow?

    • Same issue but guessing they link to the camera unlike the other control units that link via bluetooth. Con lusion? This headset is nice but not quite on par with the other mr headsets.

  3. i think I fixed it, you have to manually change the resolution to 2880×1440 and drop the refresh rate down to 90hz from 120

  4. I received two of the kits and both devices took a firmware update, and now only display vertical lines in a bunch of different colors. So I have two broken devices and I can’t find any references on their site to flash a firmware update manually.. DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE!

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