Developing with 3Glasses Mixed Reality Headset (1)–”VRShow” installation

This Microsoft approved Mixed Reality headset hails from China and differs slightly from the others in also appearing to support a cross platform runtime for VR.

Although I plan on doing development through Visual Studio 10 the 3Glasses web site invites prospective developers to sign up and download an exe titled VRShow (at the time of writing this is still billed as a beta). Installing got me this warning:


I promptly continued selecting the “run anyway” option.  I then OK’d the user account control message and selected an English install:


The installation installs in a number of directories as well as creating a VRShowClient directory in the root file system.  It also installs DirectX if it does not already exist.

What is VRShow?

The manual (available here) describes the VRShow client as follows:

“VRSHOW Client is a VR contents management tool, which is released by VRSHOW Technology Limited. VRSHOW users can use it manage your local resources, update the firmware, and also manage your device to get a better VR experience via VRSHOW Client.
VRSHOW aims to create an one-stop service platform for the VR dreamers from all over the world. It provides hardware、technical support、market instructions、distribution channels and capital support to the VR developers. VRSHOW is a service platform created for VR dreamers ‘to SHOW out the best of their own”

It covers the following main options:


Loading up the client shows the following screen:


There doesn’t apear to be an English language version of this screen (I suspect this is simply being rendered from the web site) but the options along the right are in Englash and easy to follow:


In my next post I will cover my initial reactions to testing the headset and running through firmware upghrade etc.

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