BT Whole Home WIFI Mesh

BT WHole Home


I live in an old house, not unusually large but it began it’s life in the 18th Century as a small Cottage and has been extended many times since such that now, if I were to be cruel, it could be thought of as being a little ‘higgledy piggledy’ (maybe just ‘quaint’?).

The main issue that has prompted this purchase stems from having some very thick walls between rooms as well as wanting to have a single controllable wifi signal that doesn’t rely on a multitude of repeaters and powerline piggyback units!

The plan is to start with 3 units and cover as much of the area as is possible, if needs be then further units can be added to cover any extremities (it would be nice to have a good signal in both the garage and my own ‘man cave’ beyond it (basically a glorified shed).


Setup is incredibly simple but does require an Android or iOS device (marks lost here).

I used a friends Android device which presented me with the following steps:

1. Connect the first device to your router using the supplied ethernet cable:


Here it is in place:


2. Use the app to determine a suitable location for the second and third units (the app gives you a strength meter to assist you)


3. Once you have your Mesh there are various queries you can run within the App:

“Click on a disc”


“Disc Details”


“See connected Devices”


Meanwhile the menu along the top gives the following options:

“LAN Icon”






(I think those last two sets of menus are pretty self explanatory but feel free to ask any questions)


So perhaps the most important question – How is it and is it better than the hotch potch of relays and repeaters I had before?

I haven’t attempted to do a scientific test comparison but signal strength is both available and stronger in the same locations before and after.  I also feel that over time there will be less maintainence involved (How may times have I done the “powerline runaround”?) as well as more control and a simpler way of managing a single WIFI signal (so I am less likely to drop signals as I roam around the house!)

As I suspected I need another 1 or 2 units to cover the garage and my ‘man cave’ – I will update this post if I go down that road!

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