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While not strictly fitness  related the Cortana ‘news feed’ on the band is nevertheless one of the most useful day to day features.  If, like me, you enjoy this additional functionality then read on!

One of the nice side pieces of functionality for this device is it’s ability to display RSS feeds – this means that if you have a particular favourite subject, be it anything from Dog Grooming Tips to the usual Geek related  news you can be alerted of new nuggets of information without having to delve into your pocket (or handbag) and pull out your Phone!

I thought it might be useful to add a few tiles that  I created myself to this page – to use them on your own band all you need to do is navigate to this site on your phone (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone) and click on them – this will trigger the install and they should end up on your Fitness Band.

From time to time I will update this page with new Tiles so be sure and check back!


Channel 9 Coffeehouse Forum Postings


Hot UK Deals (The latest UK Based bargains)

Desert Island Discs (Latest)

BBC News

Top News Stories

World News

UK News

USA News|

Business News

Political News

Health News

Science News

Tech News

Entertainment News

and (of course) one for this BLOG


Creating your own Web Tiles

Microsoft have made web tiles very easy to create yourself – just see this link! 


Finding interesting RSS feeds

Want ideas on where you can get RSS feeds for different subjects?

Try The links below or simply check your favourite site – chances are it already has an RSS feed of it’s own!


or why not make your own feed from your search engine? for BING simply append “&format=rss” to the end of your serach url:

EG creates an RSS Feed for the search term “RSS Catalog”


Come Back Soon for more and please feedback below!

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