Windows 10 Spartan Browser – Build 10049

Woke up this morning and the new Enterprise build of Windows 10 technical preview had installed itself.  After going through the usual setup screens the first thing I noticed was the inclusion of the new Spartan browser: 


After navigating to my own blog page 😉 I started to look at some of the new features:


Toolbar Buttons:

The new ‘add to favourites’ button has received a welcome makeover:

Spartan2 faves

I switched over in the ‘new style’ tabs back to the Spartan welcome page.

Looking at the next ‘history/favourites’ browser also received the Windows 10 makeover treatment:

Spartan3 faves 

But the first ‘totally new’ feature to catch my attention is the new ‘review’ toolbar that allow various notes and editing features on the browser surface itself:

Spartan4 paintjpg



The first drawing feature also has an additional dropdown to allow selection of colour and nib size.







The next button is, as you might expect from the icon, a highlighter that works, well,  just as you might expect:


(The eraser “rubber” button also works as expected!)

The next button allows the addition of notes to be made to a selected area of the page:


The final button from the selection on the left allows selection of areas of the page.  These can then be saved (as bitmaps) or shared with others:using the context drop down menu:

Spartan8 highlight area

I knew little about the objectives of Spartan and wasn’t sure how I felt about looking/using another new browser – so it was nice to first be presented with something that looks clean (dare I say almost Spartan in it’s appearance) and that worked as anticipated while including some genuinely useful new editing features.

I will continue looking at this build and post more findings throughout the day as I come across them.

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