Hisense LTDN65K680M3D 65 Inch 4K UHD Smart Television Review – Upscaling


If I am honest I bought this TV because it fell within my upgrade criteria (see my last post but one if that sounds remotely interesting) I was familiar with 4K TVs but had no real plans to get one just yet.  But when I spotted the Hisense ar such a good price I could not resist!  When I think about it the most use that this TV will currently get is in watching standard HD, and so the up scaling quality to 4K is quite important.

I haven’t had the device long but reading the article below suggests that Hisense have favoured the “Halos effect” which to my eyes reminds me a little of the ‘oil painting’ filter common in graphics packages (Paint.Net has a great oil filter – use it just a little on a photograph and you will see what I mean).


Examples of the different artefacts produced by up-scaling algorithms

So that is no bad thing but my gut feeling is  there might be better options for up-scaling (by better I also mean more processor intensive) and so I am already starting to think about alternatives (perhaps one of the newer BluRay players that sport custom up-scaling technology up to 4K)

A good (and straightforward) explanation of up scaling issues:


Is up-scaling important?

As this diagram shows the further away from your set you sit the less important up-scaling is (you might have the best up-scaler around but be sitting too far away to really be getting any benefit!)


“Mastered in 4K”

I will come back to this but have to say that I was a little disappointed with the BluRay for “Taxi Driver” which to my eyes looks quite grainy.  of course the age of the film is largely responsible for this perhaps making it not the best choice as an example of this process. (though I welcome the chance to see this film again on the ‘big screen’(!))


Taxi Driver / After Earth /Angels & Deamons (Mastered in 4k 1080p BluRay)

(Not sure how these come across on the web but they look pretty impressive in ‘real life’ 🙂



YouView remote control


I use a YouView box most of the time for watching and recording TV.  It up-scales well (both SD and HD).

I found it handy to program the YouView remote with the code for the Hisense  which enables me to control a lot of the Hisense’s functionality without having to pick up a separate control.

Incidentally the control code for the Hisense is “491” – to program hold down the TV button for 3 seconds, enter 491 (The TV will switch off) then press OK and you are done.!)

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