Hisense LTDN65K680M3D 65 Inch 4K UHD Smart Television Review – 4K Quality Test


So having already stated that I bought this set as an HD upgrade to my existing set I obviously have half an eye on what this set can do with a 4K video source.and also as a 4K development desktop

I’ll start with my conclusion – in two words – absolutely stunning!

NB For this test I used this PC linked via HDMI 1.4 at 30Hz and ran through some 4k content I had picked up on the net.

Having seen the set looking this good, but not wanting to have a Desktop PC Base in my lounge I am now definitely thinking about what is the minimum spec PC that I can get away with that delivers this sort of quality?  Although this desktop machine uses an AMD GPU (which is fabulous) I don’t really need that kind of grunt for watching 4K video and am already thinking in terms of one of NVIDIA’s Kepler based GPUs (if for no other reason than to experiment with 4K at 60Hz (though having witnessed these demos running at 30Hz I seriously doubt the value of the extra Hz!)


(Actual Screen Grabs from the Hisense)

Interestingly I found that the TV would output at what I understand to be UHD (3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall) but actually has a default capability that is even higher than that (4096×2160)!  An unexpected bonus!

Conclusion: Congratulations to everyone who managed to pick this up on Cyber Monday but even at £1499 it represents excellent value for money!

And it is also good to see the following quote from Hisense UK

“We will be releasing boxes next year capable of playing 4K content and providing new HDMI and HEVC capabilities for these monitors as and when more 4K sources become available” (I have confirmed that this monitor is included).

Not sure but possibly the box that Hisense are talking about may be something along the lines of this?

Footnote: I am looking at adding one of these to play back 4K video until such time as the above box becomes available.

There is a good article about the likely availability (and reasons for the current lack of) 4k content):




The Android M8 has arrived and thus far is looking like a good short term partner for the HiSense.   By default it pops up in 720p resolution and so the first thing to do is to set it to 4K:

Office Lens_20141209_101103_processed 

The one I got came with XBMX and a 4K video player pre-installed:

Office Lens_20141209_101951_processed

It played all the 4K videos I had downloaded flawlessly:


I downloaded PLEX to pick up my networked photos and videos – this worked as anticipated and everything looked great!


I noticed that someone has posted their own preferred settings for this TV which turn out to be similar to the ones that I had set myself:

Pic mode:user
Brightness: 41
Sharpness: 10
Noise reduction: off
Backlight: manual/15
Colour temp:standard
Dynamic contrast: off
Skin tone off
Motion effect: off.

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  1. Hi I have this tv and have done for a while. I’m having trouble getting 4K with the PS4 Pro. Any tips? It’s only displaying 1080p? Is that right? I thought that was standard HD?

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