Hisense LTDN65K680M3D 65 Inch 4K UHD Smart Television Review – Initial Setup & YouTube App

On switch on you are presented with a series of screens to setup the basic configuration of the device: (click on any image to enlarge, I have tried to keep the images in their logical order with selections shown where possible):

Office Lens_20141205_103615_processed Office Lens_20141205_103726_processed Office Lens_20141205_104030_processed Office Lens_20141205_104056_processed Office Lens_20141205_104118_processed Office Lens_20141205_104156_processed Office Lens_20141205_104243_processed Office Lens_20141205_104311_processed

After selecting your region and internet settings you can access the devices own web based menu and select from a series of apps and options from which the below is a selection:

Office Lens_20141205_104404_processed Office Lens_20141205_104446_processed Office Lens_20141205_104824_processed Office Lens_20141205_104842_processed


YouTube App

Selecting the YouTube App gives the option to search for videos (I searched for “4K” and selected “Star Wars”)

Office Lens_20141205_104905_processed Office Lens_20141205_104924_processed Office Lens_20141205_104955_processed Office Lens_20141205_105321_processed Office Lens_20141205_105402_processed Office Lens_20141205_105416_processed Office Lens_20141205_105427_processed Office Lens_20141205_105531_processed

Sadly the videos do not play back in 4K though they do look OK – this perhaps isn’t surprising when you think about it as the TV would require copious amounts of it’s own memory in order to buffer the video. 

Perhaps in the future the App could be given the option of buffering to an inserted (and empty) USB stick and also an option to allow playback at any of the available YouTube default resolutions?

The option to pair a mobile device (screen 3 above) is nice to see included though perhaps somewhat redundant in the light of the in-built support for streaming/casting from devices. 

Also interesting target advertising – when I selected Star Wars I was first given an advertising trailer of the new Hobbit film! (screen 7 above)

Incidentally I also tried the web browser and applied the same search but I could not get it to default to anything other than the mobile version of “YouTube” which defaults to a maximum 720p for playback).  I suspect if this were not the case the same buffering issue might rear it’s head?


Settings / Options

There are four main settings screens, some with sub menus which I will work through as they become relevant:

Office Lens_20141205_115843_processed Office Lens_20141205_115906_processed Office Lens_20141205_115927_processed Office Lens_20141205_120002_processed

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