Intel Real Sense (“Realsense”) SDK

So while there is not yet any availability of Realsense 3D cameras Intel have chosen to make the Realsense SDK available:

So I downloaded the SDK and fired up some of the sample applications, many of which failed to run without the requisite hardware, however the emotion recognition sample recognised the camera attached to my device and allowed me to have a quick ‘play’. 

The app is capable of recognising the following facial expressions (and by and large does a pretty good job)

  • “ANGER”,
  • “DISGUST”,
  • “FEAR”,
  • “JOY”,
  • “SADNESS”,

In addition it attempts to interpret the sentiment behind these expressions as one of:



(with apologies for my face – it’s the only one I have)

It is a relatively simple sample with all the smarts being handled via a call to the CreateSenseManager() function within the SDK.  A loop then constantly reporting back a value relating to the emotion being displayed.  (To get my own involvement off the ground I modified the sample to return an emoticon instead of the text shown by default.)

NB All the samples are available in both C++ and C#

I look forward to having the opportunity to expl;ore this interesting SDK further!

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