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So as well as some cool new features I tool a little time to think about smaller details that, ordinarily as a developer rather than designer, I routinely let by.

Default Search Box Styling

I guess I was kind of aware that the colours that manifested themselves in various states of the SearchBox were out of kilter with the general ‘sepia’ theme of the overall App.

A couple of overrides in the Application file and sorted:


Should I have those colours defined as constants somewhere? You betcha! Have I? (no).  Are there some other overrides that should be in there? (probably)


That’’s Better, but do I need that black border? Hmmm ….

Buttons on Top Level Page

A quick edit to make the text background stack panel height 30px instead of 60px:





Now should that text background be a transparent dark brown rather than black?

Showing someone the App on their Lenovo tablet and I spotted an issue with my home page layout and the search box:


That’s’ Better:


Truth is I don’t quite have the eye or the design chops…. but ….. I am getting better (and more diligent) and, in any event, am hopeful of a design makeover for this App from someone who does have the eye …. so watch this space!!

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