About the development of Vantage Point

As I write this I am poised to upload the fourth version of Vantage Point to the store.  This will be the first version that has started to include the feedback from the Microsoft design Lab and Intel Software Summit feedback from November 2013.  I though it might be interesting to talk about some of the reasons why the App came in to being, what has changed within the App so far, as well as plans for the future.

Changes to the UI

There have been a number of changes to vantage Point in its short lifetime.  Perhaps the most striking is the change in the top most page which came about after talking to some of Microsoft’s own designers last November.

The original top page was a simple grid of the highest level categories of images (Counties in the UK, States in the USA etc)


Note also the (default) black background (that is me being lazy)

The main feedback I got from this related to the second Page:

It was pointed out that it wasn’t immediately obvious that there were potentially multiple ‘Towns’ per County and that a more ‘hub like’ approach that illustrated this might be a better solution.  This has resulted in the following new top level page for version 4:


I have incorporated a ‘featured’ image that will change each time the page is visited (the Vantage Point image shown can be viewed by tapping the smaller of the two images).

Scrolling right on this page reveals the replacement layout for the original image:


I have taken the opportunity to use different hub layouts depending on the number of ‘towns’ available within the County.

The hub layout provides a lot of opportunity for customisation and I can see it being refined as the number of areas covered grows.

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