Standard AppBarButton Styles Revealed.

As much for my own benefit as anyone else’s here are the icons that all exist within the “Segio UI Symbol” Font referenced in the Standard Styles XAML fragment of every new project.  (They should form the basis for any icon appearing in the Application Bar)


NB Click on the images to enlarge.

Fragment showing button styles in the default Common->StandardStyles.xaml file.


NB Al the available font symbols can be viewed in the Character Map under Control Panel->Fonts (Above shows a small selection of those available)

With thanks to Long Zheng for providing source code for easily  rendering the icons:

IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Show

IFA is the oldest and largest European trade show for consumer electronics held annually in Berlin.

imageThis year I was lucky enough to be able to attend for the first time.  The scale of the show is daunting and there is no way I can do any kind of justice to it with a short post so instead I thought I would share my main ‘take aways’ from the show.

The emerging themes I noticed across the show were:

3D TV ‘without glasses’.

Super High Definition TV.

Tablet and new ‘Ultrabook’ Devices.

Almost all the major manufacturers had something new to show in the above emerging areas and my guess is we will see an awful lot of activity in these areas in the run up to Christmas.

My principal area of interest was in new Windows 8 devices of which there were many on show.  There have already been many reviews of each device from IFA (see here) but it was nice to get some real hands on!  Of the forthcoming devices I particularly fancied the new Dell  XPS.

The guy on the stand mentioned that the removable keyboard also contains a secondary ‘emergency’ battery which is an interesting and potentially life saving idea!