Windows 8 Store–Live Tile News


Talk about ‘hard work, persistence & passion’ I now have an App in the Windows 8 store (RTM).   Without going in to details this has been an up hill struggle but I am very pleased to say that it should be available from the store ‘very soon’.


the URL I have been given for anyone wanting to try it out is 

(Note that at the time of writing 8am 9/8/2012 I get a 404 ‘Page not found’ on this address!)

I note that there are presently zero downloads so I guess it must take some time to replicate through servers or progress through a hidden/unknown process prior to actually appearing live in the store.

Please try it and let me know what you think.  I value feedback and will use it in improving this app going forward.


App Aid

As previously announced any income I derive from this app in the form of advertising revenue or future in app donations will go 100% to charity.

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