WinRt / Metro ActivationKind


Gives an answer to the question: How / Why was your App launched?


Launch | launch [0]

The user launched the app or tapped a content tile.


Search | search [1]

The user wants to search with the app.

ShareTarget | shareTarget [2]

The app is activated as a target for share operations.

File | file [3]

An app launched a file whose file type this app is registered to handle.

Protocol | protocol [4]

An app launched a URL whose protocol this app is registered to handle.

FileOpenPicker | fileOpenPicker [5]

The user wants to pick files or folders that are provided by the app.

FileSavePicker | fileSavePicker [6]

The user wants to save a file and selected the app as the location.

CachedFileUpdater | cachedFileUpdater [7]

The user wants to save a file that the app provides content management for.

ContactPicker | contactPicker [8]

The user wants to pick contacts.

Device | device [9]

The app handles AutoPlay.

PrintTaskSettings | printTaskSettings [10]

The app handles print tasks.

CameraSettings | cameraSettings [11]

The app captures photos or video from an attached camera.

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