Announcing “ART” for Windows Phone 7

Ever wanted to know how to do any of the following?

"Oil Painting"
"Pencil Drawing"
"Charcoal Drawing"
"Sand Sculptures"
"Chalk Drawings"
"Screen Printing"

Well, now is your chance!


Watch, Rewind, Replay & Pause a constantly refreshed catalogue of some of the most talented artists explaining in detail how they do what they do.


5Pin any of the 8 artist types to your phones home screen – as a new clip is published you will see it appear here, clicking through will take you to the clip section within the app!

★★★★★ "What a great app!"

★★★★★ "Just watching these people is art in itself!"

★★★★★ "Thank You!"







Try the free demo today! 

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