Windows Phone 7.11 Tango Memory Requirements

Just got this email from Microsoft, looks like I have a little work to do …

On Monday, Microsoft announced an update to Windows Phone, targeted at bringing the high-end smartphone user experience to more affordable phones in new places around the world. Windows Phone will now enable our partners to deliver low cost phones using the Qualcomm 7x27a processor and 256 MB on-board memory.
As we said when we initially announced Windows Phone, our prime directive in building this product has been the notion that the ‘end user is king.’ This ideal has guided every decision we made. When tailoring Windows Phone to run on lower cost hardware, an enormous amount of effort went into ensuring as outstanding an end user experience as possible.
We didn’t stop with first party experiences. We know that third party apps are critical to today’s smartphone users, so we focused on ensuring that most apps run well on the new hardware. To accomplish this, a lot of tweaking of the application model was necessary. We’ve implemented OS level changes that will alleviate memory pressure on applications with an automatic paging solution. We conducted a comprehensive testing and optimization effort across a broad spectrum of third party apps. By the time we approached the end of our release cycle, approximately 95% of all third party apps were running satisfactorily on 256 MB devices.
We’re contacting you because you have an app that falls into the category of the 5% of apps that do not run satisfactorily on 256 MB devices. Your app will be flagged as requiring > 256 MB, and will not be available to customers who browse to your app in the Windows Phone Marketplace from a 256 MB device.
We’d love to help rectify that situation. We expect 256 MB devices to garner a significant percentage of Windows Phone sales volume. On 2/27, we publicly released a technical preview of an update to our Windows Phone SDK that will enable you to test and optimize your apps for 256 MB devices. The final version of our update will release next month. Note that you will need to recompile with the final version before you can resubmit.

App Name(s): Aston Villa
We’ve observed via our remote instrumentation that your application tends to use more memory than we can accommodate on 256 MB devices. You should use the memory profiler in Visual Studio to track down high memory usage scenarios, and attempt to address them in your code.
App Name(s): Gadget Watch
We’ve observed via our remote instrumentation that your application tends to use more memory than we can accommodate on 256 MB devices. You should use the memory profiler in Visual Studio to track down high memory usage scenarios, and attempt to address them in your code.

If you believe strongly that your application simply cannot be tailored appropriately to run on 256 MB devices, you do have the option to ‘opt out’ of availability in the Marketplace for these devices. Once opted out, your application will be visible in Marketplace on 256 MB devices, but users will not be able to purchase/download your app; they’ll receive a message that your application requires a device with more than 256 MB of RAM. If you submit an update to your application in the future, and wish to remain ‘opted out’, you’ll need to ensure you set the appropriate manifest flag in your WMAPPMANIFEST file to indicate that your application requires greater than 256 MB of RAM.
More information will be available on February 27 at
Microsoft’s vision has always been about bringing technological innovation to widest set of people possible. We’re excited to begin this process. We hope you will join us.
Larry Lieberman
Product Manager, Windows Phone Developer Ecosystem

NB Great article on memory management from Nokia here:

MWC Devs: What’s in your App Arsenal?

Now more than ever its important for developers who have a primary focus on one platform to keep abreast of what is happening with todays competing platforms.

These apps focus on the main competitors to the Windows Phone platform with an additional app dedicated to keeping up to speed with things in the Nokia camp:


Grab them now:

Android Watch

Apple Watch

Nokia Watch



I thought it might be kind of interesting to have this app on my own phone.  I like to know when most of these guys have a new video out in the world and this app allows me to add a live tile which updates with each new post (and if I am that much of a geek to want to do this then maybe you are too)




NB If you really do enjoy this app please consider donating to my favourite charities by purchasing a copy of ‘Live Tile News’:




There is a new mouse in town …

I picked up a new mouse recently and though it was worth pointing out to others (pun intended).


The new Arc mouse is rather nice and, dare I say it, even better than the last Arc mouse (Which in itself was a superb example of great design).


So why is it better?

Well its’ kind of aimed at being your personal travelling mouse, it folds flat with the tiny USB connector stuck to its’ front (with a strong magnet). This is actually great for slipping into a laptop case or slip pouch without being overly bulky.  When you want to use if the mouse ripples into a comfortable mouse shape with a quick flex of its spine (easier done than described).  And the process of folding/unfolding the mouse for use is also the on/off switch – genius!

I have used the mouse for long periods and can confirm that it remains a joy to use.  If I had one criticism then it might be aimed at the mouse wheel strip which, at the same time as being amazing, still doesn’t quite feel 100% natural.  Notwithstanding, I would urge everyone reading to try one of these out at a local store, or maybe even just go for it online (you are not going to be disappointed).

Full marks go to the designer, this mouse definitely takes the cheese…

UPDATE: Great deal on this mouse from Amazon

Using the Nokia banner generator

If you are a Windows Phone App developer then head on over to this web based tool and have a play:

If you are still reading here is the simple walkthrough:

Go to the WindowsPhoneMarketPlace and retrieve a link to the App you want to use


Paste this into the space provided:


(this will trigger the population of the other feeds).

Click on “Generate Banners” to create the full set of banners (see below)