Which devices support the Motion API after the Mango Update?


I was under the impression that the Motion API (and associated sensors) were only for the ‘new bread’ of Windows Phones but it appears that some existing phones also support the motion API.  Here is what I have found so far from running the “Shooting Range” trial App on various friends phones (after they have received the official Mango update)

HTC HD7: Motion Supported

LG E900: Motion Supported

Samsung Omnia7: Motion Supported (does it have issues with the compass though?)

Samsung Focus: Motion Supported (thanks Ginny)

LG Quantum: Motion Unsupported *

Please post your own finding in the comments and I will update this post.

You can download the free trial of “Shooting Range” from here:


(It will explicitly tell you if the motion API is unsupported)


To clarify, motion support requires not only Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) but also a device specific update from the phones’ manufacturer.  So in all likelihood any phone that currently says it does not support the motion API only does so because it hasn’t yet received the update from the phones’ manufacturer.

It is also worth knowing that while older phones will support the motion API they will do so with less accuracy than the new generation of phones that include additional & improved hardware based sensors.


The following thread pertains to this issue:


The PKU2U protocol encountered an error while attempting to utilize the associated certificates.


I am getting the following error when trying to remotely logon from a 32bit Win8 DP Client to another (64Bit) PC also running Windows 8 DP.   The issue only occurs from the Win8 machine (I can access the remote machine fine from other machines running Windows 7)image

If anyone can cast any light on this please let me know.  I will post the answer here in case anyone else has the same problem.

This looks to be associated with the following COM error for ‘security & setup’:


Temporary Workaround

You can get past this issue in the short term by compromising the security settings of the host PC.  This is probably not quite as bad a risk as it seems.  I changed the setting from the Network Level Authentication (more secure) setting to the one shown below.


Provided my /your local network is secure I don’t think this should cause me/us any issues

How to buy a Kindle Fire in the UK

First of all the Kindle Fires are going to be limited so act fast ….

1. Open a new account with BundleBox.

2. Place your order from this page (see below)

3. Sit back and wait …



Dear Ian,

Hope you are well.
We received a new shipment for you. It is now stored safely in your BundleBox.
Here are the details of the arrived shipment:

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We will use the information that you provide to compile the necessary customs declarations and the estimation of the required import duty and VAT.
Once you have provided us with this information, you are ready to book your shipment of your goods to their final destination.
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After that a daily rate of £1.00 applies.
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NB Estimated delivery is this coming Thursday or Friday  17th/18th November.

Update 2:

Dear Ian,

Hope you are well.

Just a quick note to let you know that your shipment with order ID xxxxxxxxx has left your BundleBox. FedEx aims to deliver your shipment on: 17 November 2011
You can track the status of your shipments in the Track status section.

We will also send you key status updates.

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Installing the Windows 8 Developer Preview on a Dell Inspiron Duo


Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that this is the defacto way to upgrade this tablet to the Windows 8 Developer Preview, but this is what I did (so far so good, all the usual disclaimers etc)

The basic steps I took were:

  • Back up the supplied Windows 7 installation using the instructions provided
  • Install Windows 8
  • Run Windows Update
  • Download Windows 7 drivers from Dell
  • Install the drivers

Installing Windows 8

  1. Download the Windows 8 image (DOWNLOAD)
  2. Mount the downloaded iso file (I used MagicISO)
  3. Run the setup program and follow the installation instructions given

NB I chose the 32bit O/S over the 64bit owing to the limited memory available on the device (2GB) and the fact that Dell supplied the 32bit version of Win7 with the machine, rather than the 64bit  in the first place).

NB An alternative methodology might be to burn the downloaded image to a DVD Drive then utilize an External DVD Drive instead of using MagicISO.

Running Windows Update

This is essentially the same process as for Windows 7 – from the Win8 menu choose Control Panel and walk through the following screens before finally running Windows update:





Download Windows 7 drivers from Dell

From the DELL support page identify your machine and proceed to download all the Windows 7 drivers:



Follow the instructions to download the drivers to your local hard drive.

Install the drivers

You should end up with a folder of drivers and applications similar to that below:


Run each application setup program in order, top to bottom, waiting for each to complete, with the exception of R297914 – this is the WIFI network driver for Atheros and caused issues with my system (I installed it but then had to roll back to the previous driver).

After installing all the applications reboot your system (you should receive a prompt to do so)

NB At the end of this process the tablet was performing well but I still have a couple of unidentified devices in device manager.  (It should be possible to find drivers for these but at this point in time I haven’t done so – if you do so please post a comment at the end of this blog article)


Performance Rating:


Other related links:



Rotating the Screen on a DELL Inspiron Duo under Windows 8

Installling Windows 8 on an ASUS EP21:


Windows App Certification Kit Walk Through

While it isn’t yet possible to submit apps to the store you can ensure that your App will pass the ingestion process.  this is a walkthrough of one of the sample apps (Weather).

Noting that it fails the test tells us that things are very much still at an early stage with the preview build and the apps that ship alongside it.


I have selected the Metro Style App option (above) which presents a list of Metro Apps from which to make a choice:


I chose Microsoft Weather App and hit next and the kit goes to work:


The process takes a few minutes and creates an XML data file of results that you are invited to save:



Clicking on the results opens the report:


Tip: in Jason Olson’s talk from BUILD he briefly touches on the following tool – which is the same that MS runs on your submitted Apps before they make it into the store:


I haven’t tried this myself yet but will either update this post or write another one once I get the chance to do so.

Windows 8 – Nice Touches

Boot Up time

It is rare that I boot up Windows 8 from scratch and the time from standby (which I think is probably now the default) is negligible.


With picture based login logging in is now almost fun!


Decompressing a large zip folder


I was almost disappointed when it finished ….

The App Selector:

After initially being disappointed that the start menu was gone (and even trying this hack to restore it) I was then pleasantly surprised to discover the App Screen:


BUILD Conference “Shooting Range” Beta Availability

Arising largely from the work done on the upcoming “Goblin Harvest” release this app is now updated and available for beta testing at the BUILD conference (or to anyone possessing a motion enabled device*). 

If you would like to lend a hand either drop me a line or add a comment below this post.

Shooting Range App for Windows Phone Mango



NB If you are not sure if your device supports motion – don’t worry, this app will tell you!


  • Smarten up the graphics and target positions in virtual space
  • Provide a summary of each shootout
  • Provide alternative targets & weapons
  • Engage the radar to show targets and current scope of target range
  • Increase target range size up to 360 degrees with advancing levels
  • Provide “echo “for targets springing up behind you
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Shooting Range Augmented Reality App


As I work on the ‘tasks & quests’ for “Goblin Harvest” I am consistently hit by the opportunities for Games & Apps that take advantage of Augmented Reality.  This one is a bit of a ‘tester’ that I am hoping to have ready for BUILD and revolves around the concept of a shooting gallery (Inspiration – Inspector Callaghan in Magnum Force!) 

The idea is straightforward – you get points for shooting bad guys and you lose points for shooting good guys.  Each session in the range lasts one minute.

I have a number of levels planned which revolve around the following parameters:

  1. Expanding the number of Shooting Targets
  2. Reducing the ‘time standing’ for targets.
  3. Increasing the number of good targets that closely resemble bad targets(
  4. Expanding the width of the shooting range (level 1 being all in front of you with subsequent levels taking in more of your 360 degree panorama)

With all the above being driven through an XML file.  If the game proves popular I will add the ability to add your own targets and parameterise the variables from within the game.

All in all this has resulted in several 12-14 hour days as my enthusiasm demands and while maybe not quite the same as a trip to Prague (http://www.allpraha.com/d/33581/Magnum_Shooting_Range/)  great fun nevertheless!

Shooting Range Augmented Reality game–under development

Beta Testing

Send me your email if you would like to beta test this app and have a Windows Phone that supports motion (NB As I write this these are only in the hands of reviewers and developers)

Thanks to the family for support and not shooting ME

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Video Podcasts on TV

Yay! Well this is a big deal for me. I’ve had the BT engineers out a couple of times in the last 2 months looking at our internet connection. (I live in the Country and historically have always had very poor connectivity).

But, …For the first time I can now stream video in real time! Just in time for BUILD!

So the first thing I did was set up the Channel 9 RSS Blog feed in Media Center (using the excellent Media Browser add-in). and now I have a nice list of streamable videos:


Already finding that I am watching more videos (as opposed to downloading them overnight and forgetting about them)


Laura on my TV! (don’t tell the wife)


The Chops:

Media Centre Plugin (recommended even without the Podcast capability)


Channel 9 blog feed (just add the feed to the blogs in the above plugin):


Silverlight TV:


Inside Windows Phone:


NB Zune and/or iTunes are great sources for other video blogs

UPDATE: Channel 9 picked up on this post and did a walk through here:


How I got my Internet Speed Boost:





NB in case anyone is interested the engineer found a couple of line faults between the house and the exchange – this gave most of the speed boost – but I also stripped out all the internal wiring in the house (we had 3 lots of internal cabling) and asked the engineer to reconnect the line to a box located close to the external connection point.