Purchasing Apps for Windows Phone 7


If your mobile operator supports it then purchasing apps on Windows Phone 7 is very straightforward (if your operator does not support this then you will need to register a credit card via the Zune software on your desktop before you can make any purchases).

BuySnapApps can be purchased either via the phone or via the Zune desktop software:

After purchase the app will automatically download and install itself onto your phone (you can see progress by opening the Marketplace App on your phone and selecting the ‘downloads’ link from the bottom of the page.

Finally, you will receive a receipt for your purchase – either as a part of your network operators bill, or via email for credit card purchases


Below is an example of the receipt I received when I purchased SNAP!:


Have Fun!

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Certification Failure!


Having made some fixes to bugs in ‘Metro Drummer’ I was a little surprised to see that my re-submission had failed, not necessarily a bad thing as it looks as though Microsoft are being a little more stringent than they have been in the past with some of the tests.  In this instance I was able to make fixes fairly easily (with the feedback pages I was actually redirecting to a page that I had control over before automatically navigating to the ‘user voice’ page for the app, this gave me a little more control over what was going on, but at the expense of ‘back button’ methodology)

I have reproduced the excellent report that I received from the certification failure in case anyone wants to see an example of what they might expect in this scenario (NB The document I received is actually better formatted than is reproduced below) SEE HERE

Windows Phone Marketplace ®
Certification Test Results
Name: Metro Drummer
Version: 1.3
Test ID: 14203
Submission Date: 11/4/2010 11:53:15AM
Testplan(s): Baseline, Networking
Language(s): English
Result: FAILED
Application Details Application Test Details
Application: File.zip
5.2 Performance and Resource Management
Requirements Expected Result
Pressing the Back button must return the
application to the previous page.
Test Process Required:
1. Launch the application.
2. Navigate through the application.
3. Select the device Back Button.
4. Ensure the application closes the current
screen in focus, and returns the user to the
previous page.
5. Pressing the device back button may
alternatively show a menu or a dialog box that
the application surfaces.
© 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved Page 1
Comments: In certain pages of the Metro Drummer application, particularly when tuning the instruments to a desired pitch,
the back button terminates the application.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch the application.
2. Select the application menu (…) located in the bottom right portion of the screen when the device is vertical.
3. Select "settings".
4. Select the settings icon on the far right (the wrench).
5. Verify that the application informs the user to, "tune the pad by touching the keyboards" and press "ok".
6.Verify that 12 keyboards with different names of percussion modes are present.
7. Select the back button.
8. Verify that the application is terminated.
Result: Fail

Comments: The Metro Drummer application also appears to get caught in a loop when accessing the online feedback page.
Once the web page is accessed, pushing the back button once will not return the user to the settings page. Successive (2)
pushes of the back button returns the user to the main screen.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch the application.
2. Select the application menu (…) located in the bottom right portion of the screen when the device is vertical.
3. Select "feedback"
4. Verify that the user is routed to the developer’s feedback forum.
5. Select the back button.
6. Verify that the web page re-loads.
7. Repeat as desired.
8. Successively push the back button (2 times)
9. Verify that the application returns to the main screen.
Result: Fail
© 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved Page 2