In the last week before release I have managed to sneak in another little app: a variation on the classic game of Snap!


Definitely one to play with the kids. I made a decision early on not to involve any play that might have the potential of inflicting rough treatment on your new phone, that said, it was also important to maintain the essence of the game – which is, of course around the anticipation and excitement of … SNAP!!!





In addition to the basic game I thought it would be nice to have some different playing surfaces and also the ability to add your own back to the playing cards (utilising the phones’ camera).  The idea is to have a photograph of each of the players – with a bonus being the identification of who owns the score boards immediately above – an option that can be added from the extended menu.

No idea how much interest there will be in this app but I had great fun putting it together!  Enjoy.

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