Tip 5–Don’t use formatting in your Marketplace Descriptions


This is one that I might experiment with in the future but a straight ‘copy and paste’ of formatted text is not a good example.

Submitted Text: (HTML)

A full featured Drum Machine featuring live pads and step input into sequencer and song arrangement modes.

  • Over 50 high quality drum samples
  • 4 immediately accessible and fully programmable kits.
  • Control over individual drum Volume, Tuning (pitch) and Position within the stereo field.
  • Multiple sounds can be triggered simultaneously giving a realistic drumming experience.
  • Position of the pads can be arranged and saved according to taste.
  • Full featured open/closed HiHat.
  • Unique ‘Jam’ Mode allows single samples to be spread over multiple pads.
  • Step Mode entry and playback of drum patterns
  • Song mode allows individual sequences to be chained together into a song.
  • Multiple songs can be stored on the phone.

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