Drums & Bass

Drums & Bass provides a fully portable platform for both live rendition and composition of songs and/or vocal/acoustic guitar accompaniments.

It builds on the opportunities afforded in ‘Metro Drummer’ by adding a Bass (Guitar/Keyboard) option into the mix.



Any mix of bass and drum sounds can be stored to any of the four colour coded ‘kits’.



(Above Left) The initial menu can be expanded to show further options.

(Above Right) Step Entry in the Sequencer screen allows each sounds to be assigned its own Pitch, Volume and Pan positions at any point in time.



(Above Left) The Bass pitch is entered via a popup keyboard.

(Above Right) Zoom mode allows for easier entering of notes in the step screen.




(Above Left) Sequences can be chained together and arranged in song mode.

(Above Right) User feedback is encouraged via a link to a dedicated user forum.


  • Over 50 sounds are provided ‘out of the box’.
  • The Hi-Hat shares its’ realistic action with the one in ‘Metro Drummer’.
  • The bass is monophonic by default (drum sounds are polyphonic)
  • The UI is multi-Touch enabled, allowing up to 4 pads to be played simultaneously.
  • Up to 12 sounds can be played simultaneously in sequence and song modes.
  • Individual note pitch is adjustable over a 20 note range
  • An unlimited number of sequences and songs can be stored (subject to device limitations)
  • Drums & Bass is written using the Silverlight and XNA platform for Windows Phone 7.

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