AGI 2007

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend this years AGI 2007 event in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  
I knew I was going to have to write this up internally on my return and in an effort to add some interest I had the thought of tracking my journey using my GPS and taking photos (and geocoding same) of anything that took my interest on the journey.  This morning I packaged all this up into a Google Earth KMZ:
For those of you with Google Earth installed:
 Otherwise you can view in Google Maps:
 I had a couple of objectives to meet as a result of my current contract engagement:
1) Identify any ‘packages’ that might fall into the area of interest (Insurance related).
2) Identify any suppliers of GIS data layers (related to the same project).

I methodically visited every stand and asked these two questions and managed to get a number of leads to follow up back at the office.

For me the high point of the conference was the sessions themselves.  As is usssually the case I had to miss a few as a result of concurrent timetabling.  My personal agenda for the conference was:

Day One
10.30–10.40 AGI 2007 Chairman’s Welcome
10.40–11.10 Plenary Keynote 1: GI – Past, present and future. Speaker: Ed Parsons, Geotechnologist, Google
11.10–11.40 Plenary Keynote 2: GI – Past, present and future. Speaker: Mike Hickey, President of Pitney Bowes MapInfo
12.00–12.30 Show me the Money: Making the CEO listen. Andy Coote, Director of Consultancy,ESRI
1:30–2.30 Mapinfio Workshop: GIS & SOA, Tim Chinchen
3.00–3.30 INSPIRE is Here! But what does it mean for the GI Community? Gesche Schmid, Principal Consultant,Atkins/LGA
4.00–4.30 WORKSHOP: How do I build a location-enabled Web application? Ian Holt, Co-Founder, Widr

Day Two
9.30–10.00 Using the Geocommunity as your Business Partner John Abbott, Co-Founder, Widr
10.00–10.05 AGI 2007 Chairman’s Welcome
10.05–10.35 Plenary Keynote 1: GI is Saving the World Speaker: Vanessa Lawrence, Director General and Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey
10.35–11.30 Plenary Keynote 2: GI is Saving the World Speaker: David Maguire, Vice President, ESRI
12.00–12.30 Interoperability through Sophisticated Database Loading and Extraction Jamie Justham, Managing Director,Dotted Eyes
12.30–1.00 Persuasive Geospatial Computing Xavier Lopez, Director Spatial and Location Technologies, Oracle Corporation
2.30–3.00 OpenStreetMap – GeoData Provision for the 21st CenturyNick Black, Developer, ZXV Ltd
3.00–4:00 Mapinfo pro and SOA Tim Chincent, Mapinfo Corporation.
4.10–5.10 BIG DEBATE ‘Will Neogeography crush professional GIS?’ Chair: Jeff Thurston

I found the whole conference very stimulating and thought provoking and came back keen to try out some of the ideas that had suggested themselves to me.